Monday, 15 August 2011

Save That Extra Bob

  1. Get your books from the library. If you love books and read every day. Save money by getting most of from the library. Simply put, it's hard to beat free.
  2. your books from the library. If you love books and read every day. Save money by getting most of from the library. Simply put, it's hard to beat free.
  3. Get DVDs from the library. Many libraries have movies on DVD that can be checked out.
  4. Read magazines at the Library or online. Too many magazines can cost a fortune. And how many times have you bought a magazine based on the cover and been disappointed by the lack of substance. At the library you can read magazines free. And many magazines now offer their content for free online.
  5. Subscribe the magazines that are must read. If you must have a certain magazine each month, subscribe. Subscriptions offer substantial savings over the cost at the news stand.
  6. Pay your life insurance annually. Insurance companies charge you more if you pay monthly, quarterly or semi annually. Pay once a year and you'll pay less.
  7. Cancel the health club membership, evaluate how much you really use your health club. Some gyms offer pay as you go options rather than monthly fees, which can be great for those of us who aren't as consistent in our routines as we'd like to be.
  8. Take your lunch to work at least thrice a week.
  9. Stop smoking. Need I say more?
  10. Drink less on No alcohol. It costs money and adds calories.
  11. Buy generic over-the-counter medicines. They are exactly the same as their branded counterparts and costs less.
  12. Get organized and avoid missed payments. If you do miss a payment, call your creditor and ask to ave the penalty removed. They'll usually accommodate the request, at least the first time.
  13. Buy energy efficient appliances. Look for the Energy star on appliances and consider the annual energy cost before buying. More efficient appliances cost more, but you make up the extra cost and then some over the life of the product.
  14. Wash your car at home and not at your local pub or petrol station.
  15. Get rid of your car. If your are married just have one.
  16. Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure. It keeps you safe and costs less of gas and use your conditioner only when absolutely necessary.
  17. If possible, ride your bike or walk to your destinations.
  18. Carpool with co-workers.
  19. Don't buy into trends. Keep a wardrobe of classic pieces, so you don't have to update your clothes every year.
  20. Shop at a mitumba  stall-affordable and good quality.
  21. Avoid buying clothes that require drying cleaning.
  22. Buy a water filter and make your own bottled water.
  23. Make meals that are left over friendly, like soups and casseroles.
  24. Buy in bulk.
  25. If you buy soda, buy 2 liter bottles instead of cans. It's much cheaper per unit price.
  26. When you eat out, share meals. Most restaurant meals are big enough for two people. If you don't have someone to share it with, split the meal half and put when half in a to-go box for next day's lunch.
  27. Cook your own meals.
  28. Take a list when you go for shopping and stick to it.
  29. Buy generic brand products at the supermarket.
  30. Bring your lunch to school or work instead of buying it.
  31. Grow your own vegetables.
  32. Eat cereals instead of fast foods. Its cheaper and usually healthier.
  33. Wash and reuse plastic bags.
  34. Use baking soda for toothpaste.
  35. Use baby shampoo for a makeup remover.
  36. Don't throw out small pieces of bar soap. Wet the small piece and the new bar soap and stick them together.
  37. Add water to your shampoo to get more uses.
  38. Simplify your beauty products. Do you really need five different types of body lotions. 
  39. Pack your travel meals in advance. When flying. bring your own snacks. Airport food is expensive.
  40. Trade video games, DVDs and books with friends.
  41. Start an automatic savings plan with your bank.

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