Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Alex Apoko, aka Ringtone


Meet the celebrity Kenyan  musician Alex Apoko, aka Ringtone to his fans. Ringtone was born twenty six years ago in Kisii District. In a  recent interview with Swala Nyeti, Ringtone explained how he never enjoyed the love given to most newborn babies.

Ringtone's mother dumped him at the doorstep of a bar at the Nairobi's Tom Mboya street  frequently visited by his father.Unfortunately his father did not visit his local that night.

But his uncle recognized  the baby's wrappings and took him to his paternal grandmother.Today Ringtone parks his four wheel drive Nissan patrol infront of a restaurant near twentienth century cinema and chats with parking boys as if they are close friends.He dons faded designer jeans,levi shoes, a red sweat shirt and expensive police stunners.(sunglasses)

He is holding three mobile phones-an i-phone ,an N-series Nokia and a blackberry.Ringtone is now a rich celebrited Kenyan gospel musician. But it has not been easy for Ringtone. "My  grandmother is the kindest woman I have ever met". He confided to us. "She took me in and brought  me up like one of her own".She turned her place into a small brewery and sold chang'aa so that I could get something to eat."
"When I was five my  dad passed away before I could meet him .It did not bother me so much because I did not even know how he looked like."Recalled Ringtone.

"But my grandmother's passing away two years later marked the beginning of the darkest period of my life.But my uncles took me in and for the first time I slept in the cold and went through a lot of hardships.Eventually I ran away and the street was my home".Ring tone confided.

"One of my aunts asked me to go and live with her,promising she would treat me the way my grandmother had. She promised me tea and bread, food which she knew I loved and couldnt find on the street."
But this was not to be.A relative after a relative mistreated me"

"To cut a long story I have gone through 'hell' in my childhood from which I have learnt a lot about life".Ringtone said. Ringtone has worked together in his music career with musicians such as Rougtone(watch out for story in another article), who is his mentor.He has also worked with other musicians such as Daddy Owen and Ambassador.

Although Ringtone has dedicated his life to his gospel music, he also has interest in other businesses such as passenger bus business which he is planning to launch very soon. This celebrated musician has seen his music career take him to places such as Newyork,Chicago and other big cities around the world.

The career of this great kenyan musician is set to go places.Watch out for more stories on this great Kenyan musician.

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