Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rape “Miracle” Detector

Anti-Rape lip gloss

To end the many cases of rape in the world, researchers came to the women’s aid inventing the anti-rape lip gloss.
Most women become victims of rapists after drinking in bars and clubs after drugs have been squeezed into their drinks. The purpose of this lip gloss is that once applied to identify drugs like GHB and ketamine.
In the event that the drink contains narcotics, the gloss will stain blue. This “miracle” detector was called “2 Love My Lips”, and the price is 10 pounds.
The anti-rape gloss is already on market in England, and will also appear elsewhere in Europe, Asia and Australia.
A condom with teeth … weapon against rapists!
A medieval device built on hatred of men? Or a cheap, easy-to-use invention that could free millions of South African women from fear of rape, in a country with the world's worst sexual assault record?
Dubbed the "rape trap", trademarked "Rapex", the condom-like device bristling with internal hooks designed to snare rapists has re-ignited controversy over South Africa's alarming rape rate, even before plans for its production were announced in Western Cape this week.
Some say the inventor, Sonette Ehlers, a former medical technician, deserves a medal, others that she needs help.
The device, concealed inside a woman's body, hooks onto a rapist during penetration and must be surgically removed.
Ms Ehlers said the rape trap would be so painful for a rapist that it would disable him immediately, enabling his victim to escape; but would cause no long-term physical damage and could not injure the woman.
Some women's activists call the device regressive, putting the onus on women to address a male problem.
Charlene Smith, an anti-rape campaigner, said it "goes back to the concept of chastity belts" and would incite injured rapists to kill their victims.

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