Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Manager Hangs Himself Over Job Loss Fear

A Senior Manager hangs himself at Heathrow Airport over job loss fear

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A SENIOR manager hanged himself at Heathrow airport — just yards from passengers.

Keith Stone, 50, took his own life after being told his job was at risk.

He was found hanging from an aircraft de-icing vehicle near Terminal 5 — in view of runways where passengers were landing and taking off on jumbo jets.

Mr Stone, the operations manager for a cleaning firm, had emailed bosses outlining his disgust at his treatment after 23 years' loyal service.

The married dad of three was devastated to learn that he would have to re-apply for his job following planned cuts at his firm, Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG).

Mr Stone ran cleaning teams subcontracted by major airlines and was authorised to work in security sensitive areas. Pals said he couldn't cope with the prospect of losing his job — fearing that he would no longer be able to support his family.

A colleague said: "Keith was told about the threat to his job two weeks before Christmas.

"He wrestled with anxiety throughout the festive season. The prospect of financial woes proved too much.

"He went to work last Wednesday and emailed his bosses exactly what he thought of them. He then went outside and hanged himself."

Scotland Yard said his death was being treated as "non-suspicious".

An ASIG spokesman said: "Keith's commitment, professionalism and good humour will be sorely missed."

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