Thursday, 12 April 2012

Baby found Alive in a Coffin

Miracle Baby Found Alive in a Morgue Coffin After 12 Hours                                                                                                      
Analia Bouguet named her newborn Luz Milagros, or Miracle Light. The tiny girl, born three months premature, was in critical but improving condition in the same hospital where the staff pronounced her stillborn on April 3.
The case became public on Tuesday when Rafael Sabatinelli, the deputy health minister in the northern province of Chaco, announced in a news conference that five medical professionals involved have been suspended pending an official investigation.
Five doctors at Perrando Hospital in northern Argentina have been suspended for declaring a baby stillborn and nailing her inside a coffin and placing her in a refrigerated room at the hospital morgue for 12 hours.
The child, who was named Luz Milagros, or "Light Miracle," was found inside a coffin at the hospital in Chaco, a half day after her April 3 birth.
"We were told that the baby had hypothermia and that this may have weakened her heartbeat, which would have been accentuated because [her] heart rate was already low before birth," the baby's father, Fabian Veron, 31.
The baby's mother, Analia Bouter, 29, who has four boys, said she never had a chance to say goodbye to her first daughter, since she'd been sedated during the birth, which came three months premature.

The grieving mother and father visited the hospital morgue 12 hours later. The couple was led into a refrigerated room and shown a tiny coffin that was nailed shut.
"[My husband] used a lever and opened the coffin," said, Diario, in Chaco.
The mother, expecting to find closure, instead came face-to-face with her daughter, who was wrapped in a white blanket and looked as though she was just waking up, said the mother. The baby stretched and let out a cry.
Miracle baby
Argentinians Fabian Veron and Anallia Bouguet, parents of a premature baby they are going to name Luz Milagros (miracles) who had been declared dead and was found alive 12 hours later in the morgue
 The mother of five said she fell to her knees."This is a message ... a miracle," she told Diario.
Rafael Sabatinelli, the undersecretary of health for Argentina's Chaco province, said that his office had opened an investigation into the matter."Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, so they will have to answer for this," he sad.

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