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Electronic Cigarette

What Are Electronic Cigarettehttp://whatiselectroniccigarette.org/includes/images/electronic_cigarette_kit.jpg
The Electronic Cigarette or electric cigarette or e-cigarette is a relatively simple piece of technology that creates vapor by slightly heating a mixture of proplyene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring and nicotine (nicotine free e-liquid is available) until it vaporizes. This vapor acts much like tobacco smoke, allowing long time smokers an alternative that can be inhaled and exhaled like traditional smoking. 
How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?
There are three main parts to an electronic cigarette. 
a) The Cartridge
b) The Atomizer
c) The Battery
The cartridge acts like the butt of the electronic cigarette, it contains a liquid that determines the flavor and nicotine strength of your e-cigarette. Cartridges can be purchased with flavors like Tobacco and Menthol. You also can decide between nicotine strengths such as Regular (16mg), Light (8mg) and even Non-Nicotine, for those that are interested in reducing their nicotine intake without losing the pleasure of smoking.
The cartridge then slips over the end of the atomizer. The atomizer is a small heating element (non-flammable) that turns the liquid inside the cartridge into smoke-like vapor, much like a miniature smoke machine.
The atomizer then screws into the end of the battery. The battery supplies the electronic cigarette with power. Since the e-cigarette is powered by the battery, there is no open flame or ashes to deal with. On the end of the battery there is a small L.E.D. light that turns on when you inhale through the e-cigarette. The L.E.D. comes in a red or blue color. The red L.E.D. makes the e-cigarette appear to be a traditional cigarette while the blue L.E.D. gives it a more modern type of look. The battery is rechargeable and lasts between 1-3 days depending on how much you smoke.
When all the pieces are assembled, the electronic cigarette looks nearly identical to a regular cigarette. You smoke the electronic cigarette in the same way as you would smoke a tobacco cigarette, without all the hassle of lighters, ashtrays, non-smoking areas...etc.
Parts of the electronic cigarette:
Electronic Cigarette Parts
Shown above from left to right is the mouthpiece (which contains the cartridge), the atomizer (sliver), and the battery (white). The atomizer screws into the battery and the mouthpiece slides onto the atomizer.
Mouthpiece and Cartridge:

e-cigarette mouthpiece and cartridge cartridge and mouthpiece upright

The picture on the left is a mouthpiece (brown) with the cartridge (white) taken out. The picture on the right is the mouthpiece and cartridge standing upright. The cartridge is a small plastic “cup” with a wick inside. This wick is filled with e-liquid until saturation. The cartridge can be taken out of the mouthpiece by pushing a pin through the small hole in the mouthpiece. The cartridge just slips back into the mouthpiece after refilling. It can be filled while in the mouthpiece if you have a steady hand. 
While the products do not contain tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide, experts are worried as users inhale a fine heated mist and there is a lack of regulation. But retailers said they were healthier than normal cigarettes. Since the smoking bans came into force, smokers have been forced to go outside to light up.
Companies selling the electronic cigarettes have responded by marketing them as a way of getting round the ban. And in recent months they have reported a rise in sales with some selling over 1,000 of the £40 starter-packs a month. However, campaigners including the World Health Organisation, have raised concerns, pointing out there was a lack of knowledge about the products. Douglas Bettcher, of the World Health Organisation, said there was a "regulatory blackhole" which meant no-one knew just what these products contain.
"We are facing a new product. We do not know what is in these cartridges besides nicotine. What are the effects of heating and vapourising the nicotine and inhaling it?"
And Deborah Arnott, of anti-smoking group Ash, pointed out that many of the products were made in China where quality control was "not very good".
"I think our concern is that we would really like smokers to use safer nicotine products but there is a regulatory gap.
"The advice is to use products that have been tried and tested such as nicotine gums and patches."
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