Diseases spread by kissing 
A passionate kiss often leads to one thing or another. Quite unexpected from the sensualfeeling that comes with it, there may lay a ‘catch’; kissing, although sweet, can lead to infections.
In fact, there is a ‘kissing disease’ known as mononucleosis, or mono.
This is one of the prototypical sexually transmitted diseases that lovers can get from some romantic interludes. Apart from mononucleosis, there are varied infections that can be spread through kissing.
Infectious diseases in saliva
Infectious diseases are spread through several means. Oral transmission refers to spreading of microbes through saliva, foods or drinks.
When a person accidentally consumes microbe-contaminated items such as saliva during kissing, the swallowing action of the tongue wipes the microbes against the back of the throat, allowing the microbe to enter the body.
Infections such as mononucleosis are caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and Cytomegalovirus (CMV), via oral transmission, from virus-containing saliva.
Kaposi sarcoma is however caused by a Herpes virus known as Human Herpes Virus 8 (HHV-8). The virus can also be transmitted through kissing.
Other infectious microbes that spread through saliva do so by sticking to the inner surface of the cheeks and mouth, tongue, or teeth. An example is the bacterium Streptococcus, which can cause an array of infections, including gum disease and strep throat.
It is important to remember that the surfaces of the respiratory tract (nose, mouth, and throat) are continuous and made up of similar tissues. As a result, microbes found in the saliva can generally be found in other parts of the respiratory tract, including the nose and throat. Therefore, even colds, flus and other respiratory infections can potentially be spread through the saliva.
Diseases from mouth sores
Cold sores
Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1). In contrast to infections spread through the saliva, HSV-1 is spread through open cold sores on the lips or near the mouth. Although the infection is contagious through all stages of a cold sore, the infection is most contagious when the sore is open and leaking fluid.
Hand, foot, and mouth disease
Hand, foot, and mouth disease caused by Coxsackie virus, is another infectious disease spread through open sores in the mouth.
It is common in kids, especially those in day-care or pre-school settings because it mainly spreads  via the faecal-oral route; a common problem in day cares, since changing of diapers goes on all day.Canker sores are not infectious.
In contrast to cold sores and Coxsackie virus blisters, canker sores have no infectious disease origin and cannot be spread through the saliva or kissing.
HIV and Hepatitis B Virus?
HIV and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) are blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections that have been found in the saliva. Despite the presence of HIV in saliva, there have never been any reports of HIV transmission via this route.
In contrast, transmission of Hepatitis B virus through saliva has been well documented, as well as Hepatitis A and C.
Saliva has a natural cleansing role provided by its flushing activity. Other anti-microbial defences in the saliva include antibodies and other anti-microbial proteins like lysozyme and normal mouth flora (the ‘good’ bacteria that prevents growth of ‘bad’ bacteria).
The spread of infectious microbes through the saliva can occur when the natural resistance in the mouth is reduced. For example, gum infections can occur in people with Vitamin C deficiencies while thrush is caused by Candida II yeast infections, which is more likely to occur in people who have been taking antibiotics. People who are dehydrated have reduced salivary flow and four times more bacteria in their mouths.
Romance Makeover at Universities in Kenya
Romantic relationships among students in public universities have an unwritten tradition where senior male students invariably hook up ‘green’ females.
But as it is the case everywhere, this tradition is taking a drastic turn around.
These days, and perhaps in line with modern times where women give as good as they get, female university students are changing the rules of the game.
However, those that can read the signs of the times adjust fast and move on with life.
Carol is now a final year student and hers is an interesting tale of romantic betrayal and counter betrayal between students.
She said: “My first semester in this university was quite a nice ride. I had this third year boyfriend and I enjoyed every bit of it while it lasted. But a new intake came into the campus in just three months and everything took a turn for the worst. He deserted me for a first year girl who was in the parallel programme. I got so mad with him.”
She recalls: “He started losing interest in me the moment new students reported. He rushed for another fresher who, seemingly, was fresher than me.”
Carol did not take it lightly and vowed to remain single for the rest of her university life. But that resolve did not last long because in the second semester, another third year student appeared in her life and Carol took him in.
Soon after, this man was also snatched from her when another batch of first year female students in yet another parallel programme arrived.It was a vicious cycle.
She was exasperated. She shared her desperation with a classmate who seemed to be in a similar predicament. The two smitten women put their heads together and discovered what insanity was taking control of their lives.
They established that senior male students were simply playing around, deflowering and using first year female students and dumping them as soon as fresher ones came.
Armed with this discovery, Carol and her friends mobilised those in similar fixes and turned the tables, so to speak.
She recollects: “We decided that enough was enough and henceforth, the hunter would become the hunted.”
It was decided that like their male counterparts they would go for fresher male students and dump them as soon as new ones reported.Now in her final year, Carol has perfected the art and science of seducing fresh male students. Jane, one of Carol’s friend poses: “Why be good if others are not? If I was used and dumped, then why not do the same to someone else?”
But the new trend has gone overboard. Recently, an all-out battle nearly broke out at a Nairobi university when a female student tried to seduce a DJ who was running a show at the main campus.
People do strange things, therefore weird laws are written to help straighten them out. Some of these bizarre laws almost seem like urban myths or too ridiculous to be real, yet odd as they are, they were created for a reason. Some of these laws date back several hundred years and were never changed or eliminated and make very little sense in today’s world, but nonetheless these weird laws found all around world do exist.
100 Weird Laws From Around the World
1. In Oklahoma, you can be arrested for making ugly faces at a dog.

2. In Salt Lake County, Utah, it’s illegal to walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag.
3. In San Francisco, it’s illegal to pile horse manure more than six feet high on a street corner.
4. In Devon, Texas, it is against the law to make furniture while you are nude.
5. In Bozeman, Montana, a law prohibits all sexual activity from the front yard of a home after sundown.
6. In California it is illegal for a vehicle without a driver to exceed 60 miles per hour. (that would be one clever trick)
7. In Florida men seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown can be fined.
8. In South Carolina it is legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays.
9. In Tennessee, you are breaking the law if you drive while sleeping.

10. In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is: Death.
11. In Danville, Pennsylvania, all fire hydrants must be checked one hour before all fires.
12. In Connersville, Wisconsin, during sexual intercourse, it is against the law for a man to fire his gun whilst the woman in having an orgasm.
13. In Pennsylvania, it’s against the law to tie a dollar bill on a string on the ground and pull it away when someone tries to pick it up.
14. In New York City, it’s illegal for a restaurant to call a sandwich a “corned beef sandwich” if it’s made with white bread and mayonnaise.
15. In San Francisco, California it is unlawful to use used underwear to wipe off cars in a car wash.
16. In France, it is against the law to sell an “E.T” doll. They have a law forbidding the sale of dolls that do not have human faces.

17. In Louisiana, biting someone with your natural teeth is considered “simple assault,” but biting someone with your dentures is “aggravated assault.”
18. In the state of Washington, it is illegal to have sex with a virgin under any circumstances. (Including the wedding night.)
19. In Switzerland, it is illegal for a man to relieve himself while standing up after 10pm.
20. In Florida, it is illegal to fart in a public place after 6 P.M. on Thursdays.
21. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to go to bed without first having a bath. (However, another law prohibits bathing on Sunday)
22. In Jidda, Saudi Arabia, women were banned from using hotel swimming pools in 1979.
23. In Samoa, it’s a crime to forget your own wife’s birthday.
24. In Alabama, prison guards are forbidden from referring to their spouses as “the old ball-n-chain.”
25. In London, England it is illegal for a City cab to carry rabid dogs or corpses.
26. In England, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.
27. In England, it is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the Queen upside down.
28. In Los Angeles, CA it’s illegal for a waiter to tell a customer “I’m really an actor.”
29. In Indiana, it’s against the law to dress ‘Barbie’ in ‘Ken’s’ clothes.

30. In Sedona, Ariz., it’s illegal to lie about your astrological sign.
31. In Texas, it’s illegal to threaten somebody with an UNLOADED gun.
32. In Australia, it’s illegal to name any animal you plan to eat.
33. In Cannes, France, it’s illegal to wear a Jerry Lewis mask.
34. In New Jersey, answering a traffic cop who asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” by saying,“If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you” is an automatic $300 fine.
35. In York, it is legal to kill a Scotsman within the ancient city boundary, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow.
36. In London, it is illegal to flag down a taxi if you have the plague.
37. In Kentucky, it’s illegal to paint your lawn red.
38. In Portugal, it’s against the law to pee in the ocean.

39. In South Carolina unmarried women are not allowed to buy edible panties.
40. In Italy, anyone considered “obese” is forbidden from wearing polyester.
41. In Montana, it’s illegal to tear a phone book in half.
42. In California, anyone caught selling a “smoothie” that has lumps is breaking the law.
43. In Michigan, it is illegal to chain an alligator to a fire hydrant.
44. In Arkansas, it’s illegal for a woman getting married for the second time to wear a white wedding gown.
45. In Victoria. Australia after mid day on Sunday, it’s illegal to wear pink hot pants.
46. In Connecticut, night watchmen are forbidden from drinking decaf coffee while working.
47. In Kentucky, carrying ice cream cones in your pocket is illegal.
48. In International Falls, Minnesota, you can be fined if you let your dog chase a cat up a telegraph pole.
49. In Iowa, after 5 minutes of kissing you’re breaking the law.
50. In Illinois, giving a lighted cigar to a pet is illegal.

51. In the USA- 24 states say that if your husband is impotent its grounds for a divorce. (Go Viagra!)
52. In Miami, Florida, imitating animals is illegal.
53. In Oxford, Ohio, a woman undressing in front of a picture of a man is breaking the law.
54. In Baltimore, Maryland, taking a lion to the cinema is illegal.
55. In Washington, pretending to have wealthy parents is illegal.
56. In Texas, if you are going to commit a crime, you legally have to give 24 hours notice to the police.
57. In South Dakota, It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory.
58. In Maryland, Randy Newman’s song ‘Short people’ is still banned on the radio.
59. In St. Louis, Missouri, if a woman is in her night clothes, it is illegal for a fireman to rescue her.
60. In Victoria, Australia, you need a licensed electrician to change a light bulb.
61. In France, it’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon.

62. In Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is death by decapitation.
63. In San Salvador, drunk drivers can be sentenced to death by firing squad.
64. In Bahrain, male doctors only legally examine a woman’s genitals through a mirror.
65. In Providence, Rhode Island, selling tooth paste and a tooth brush to the same customer on a Sunday is illegal.
66. In Alexandria, Minneapolis, it is illegal for a man to have sexual intercourse with a woman with sardines on his breath.
67. In Singapore chewing gum is illegal.
68. In Arizona, hunting camels is against the law.
69. In North Carolina, it is illegal to swear in front of dead people.
70. In Florida having sexual intercourse with a porcupine is illegal. (ouch… wtf)

71. In Burma it is against the law to access the Internet. Anyone doing so faces prison.
72. In Iowa, it is illegal for horses to eat fire hydrant.
73. In Vermont, a woman must get written permission from her husband to wear false teeth.
75. In Los Angeles, it is illegal to bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time.
76. In Oklahoma, it is against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 PM.
77. In Israel, you could be prosecuted for picking your nose on Sunday.
78. In Sweden it is illegal to use the services of a prostitute. Prostitution is legal though.
79. In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house without your underwear on.
80. In California, it is illegal to keep a child from playing in puddles of water.
81. In Oklahoma, it is illegal to molest an automobile.

82. In Germany, it is illegal to stop on an autobahn (expressway). It is also illegal to run out of gas on an autobahn.
83. In Turkey, it is illegal for a man above 80 yrs to become a pilot.
84. In Chicago, it is illegal for anyone to eat in a place that is on fire.
85. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors.
86. In Eureka, Nevada, it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss women.
87. In Ohio, it is against state law to get a fish drunk.
88. In Miami, Florida, it is illegal to skateboard in a police station.
89. In Florida, unmarried women who parachute on Sundays can be jailed.
90. In Texas, it is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.
91. In Boulder, Colorado, it is illegal to kill a bird within the city limit.
92. In Alabama, it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle.

93. In Ames, Iowa, it is illegal for men to have three sips of beer while they are in bed with their wives.
94. In Chico, California, the law states that anybody who detonates a nuclear device within the city limits is liable to a fine of $500.
95. In Tremonton, Utah, it is illegal for a woman to have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance.
96. In British Columbia, it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch or Bigfoot if one is ever found.
97. In Lebanon, If a man is caught having sex with a male animal then the penalty is death- sex with a female animal is ok (o_O)
98. In Minnesota, it is against the law to hang male and female underwear together on the same washing line.
99. In Texas, It is illegal to sell one’s own eye.
100. In Kentucky, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon more than six-feet long.
HIV-positive Lady Develops Huge and Long Breasts After Taking ARVs
An HIV-positive woman developed abnormally large and stretched breasts due to the side effects of her antiretroviral (ARV) medication, according to a report in the Sowetan on Thursday.
The condition, known as lipodystrophy, was recognised through changes in fat reduction or redistribution, often in one area, leading to abnormal body shape transformations.
"In 2008, my breasts started growing rapidly and got heavy, making life difficult for me," the 29-year-old woman told the newspaper. The woman told the newspaper that in 2009 she was supposed to go for a breast reduction but could not because she was anaemic and had a bone marrow deficiency.
Doctors treated her for the anaemia and bone marrow related complications but her lipodystrophy worsened. The woman's breasts reached her knees.
"The combined weight of my breasts is equal to carrying two two-year-old babies around at all times," she told the newspaper.
"And I cannot sleep properly because I hurt myself if I turn around carelessly." The woman said she stayed indoors all day because she could not move.
Dr Phillip Botha from the faculty of medicine and health sciences at Stellenbosch University confirmed that lipodystrophy was a side effect of ARVs. Health officials did not see the woman's case as a priority so she is on a waiting list for an operation at a state facility as she cannot afford the procedure herself.
Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital CEO Johanna More told the Sowetan that the hospital had more serious issues to attend to. Gauteng health department spokesman Simon Zwane said the woman's condition was not life threatening.
"What she is asking for is a cosmetic surgical operation and unfortunately this cannot be prioritised above life-threatening and emergency surgical operations that our hospitals deal with daily," Zwane was quoted as saying.
Man Has Boobs Cut After Three-Year Pain
AN HIV-positive Mpumalanga man who developed breasts after taking ARVs five years ago had them removed at Johannesburg Hospital last year.
And today the man leads a normal life again after three years of shame.
In 2007, Sowetan reported how Sabelo Maepa (not his real name) developed female-like boobs from the side effects of the type of ARVs he was taking.
Maepa had been diagnosed HIV positive that year and his boobs began to grow a month after he started takingARV drugs.
He said he realised four weeks after being given ARVs that his breasts had started developing and informed doctors and nurses at the TB hospital in Standerton where he was admitted.
Roger Mixter, a plastic surgeon, described Maepa's ailment as gynaecomastia, or "man boobs".
Mixter said all men have a small amount of mammary gland tissue beneath their nipples and this tissue is usually small and inconsequential. In man boobs, this breast tissue starts to enlarge, said Mixter.
He said breasts that develop on a man can be made up of mammary gland tissue, fat or, most commonly, a combination of both.
It is usually caused by an imbalance in the two sex hormones, oestrogen and testosterone.
He said all men and women have both oestrogen and testosterone naturally in different amounts in their bodies.
"Hormonal imbalances can be caused by conditions ranging from pituitary problems to liver disease. Any man who develops gynaecomastia or man boobs must be evaluated to determine if there is an underlying cause, and have that cause treated if possible," Mixter said.
"Frequently, correcting the underlying problem can reverse the breast development."
Confusion As Church Money Turns to Paper
Fear and confusion gripped residents of Hwolshe in Jos, when N300,000 church collection suddenly turned to a bundle of papers as it was about to be deposited in the bank.
The money, which belonged to St. Mary's Parish, Hwolshe in Jos South Local Government was handed to Miss Ifeoma Eze, the Church Secretary to be deposited in the bank before the mystery occurred.
Eze said yesterday that she had filled the teller at the main branch of Jos Zenith Bank with the money wrapped in polythene but saw papers when she was about to give the cash to the cashier.
"The money was intact when I left home for the bank but on getting to the counter, I opened the polythene bag only to discover that it has turned to bundles of papers. I was so confused and scared; I started screaming and was oblivious of the attention I was attracting as bewildered customers tried to console me", she said.
She said she was particularly confused because she was wondering how to relay the story to the Parish Priest who entrusted the money to her.
A church member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was not difficult to believe Eze's story because she was the church secretary and had handled its funds without any blemish in the past five years.
Woman Gets Attacked At Zoo By Cheetahs, Husband Takes Pictures

Violet D’Mello, a 60-year-old Scottish woman gets attacked and mauled by a pair of cheetahs; while her husband takes pictures. The incident occurred at the South African game reserve whereby the supposedly-tame cheetahs attacked the poor woman during the couple’s birthday visit.
According to the details, the said Scottish shutterbug reportedly remained busy in snapping away while his helpless wife was being mercilessly mauled by the wild animals. Violet was there at the Kragga Kamma Game Park on last Saturday, alongside her husband, Archibald. She wished to celebrate her 60th birthday at the park but while the poor woman posed for various snapshots with the pair of wild male cheetahs; the ‘not dangerous’ ‘Mark’ and ‘Monty’ attacked her. The park officials described the cheetahs as tame and safe-to-pet but all at once, one of the male cats latched onto the leg of an 8-year-old girl.
Violet, who was watching the incident, reached out to help the girl but what followed next simply surprised her. Both the spotted beasts viciously attacked her by suddenly turning on her instead. While describing the terrifying incident to the media reporters, Violet said one cheetah started scratching her while right on top of her. Soon, the other one also joined in and allegedly took her neck into its jaws. Vigorously trying to protect herself in vain, Violet ended up with several wounds; she had scratches on her head, face, close to right eye, gashes close to her kidney area on stomach as well as both legs wounded legs.
The wild cats had gnawed on Violet’s neck, brutally bitten on the back of her head and scratched almost all over her upper body and both legs. The woman was rushed to a local area hospital for the treatment of her injuries. The pictures taken by the woman’s husband, Archibald D’Mello surfaced online on Friday about which Archibald claimed he never realized he had kept taking. Stunned by the sudden vicious attack, the man didn’t forget saving the entire ‘activity’ on the canvas; strange but true! During the three-minute-long attack, an idea popped up Violet’s mind; ‘playing dead would fool the attacking animals,’ thought Violet.
She thus stopped moving and stopped reacting until a park guide reached out to help the victim. Using his stick, the park guide somehow managed to beat both the animals back. Completely traumatized, Violet may remember the incident for the rest of her life. On the other hand, Archibald was annoyed whether why the park officials had said the animals were not dangerous rather was safe to pet. The incident prompted the park officials not to let tourists in; they wanted to make sure it was safe, said Mike Cantor, the park manager. Mike further added that it was the first ever incident of its kind that the cheetahs had ever attacked anyone.
Cat Survives Hour and a Half in Washer

Surviving spin in the washing machine for an hour and 45 minute is a really long time, i must say!
Karin Bennett from Johannesburg, South Africa got really tensed when her cat moggie disappeared earlier this week.She searched every corner of her home including each room calling 'Tabitha', but the black kitty had vanished.
The 63 year old woman even went to her neighbour's home where the pet mostly visited the place but all in vain.Upon returning disheartedly, she checked all the kitchen cupboards, the oven, deep freeze and the fridge.
The cross-breed feline was finally found when the owner heard unusual noises coming from the corner of the kitchen where she had had put her second load of washing in for the day.
'Bennett was standing in the kitchen wondering how to solve the puzzle when the washing machine went 'Ting! Ting! Ting!'
'She had had problems with the machine before and assumed it was acting up again'
On seeing a furry face through the machine's glass,the lady was so scared to open the washing machine herself. She immediately callde her neighbour who switched off the main electricity supply and let the cat leave the machine.The shaken pet was rushed to the local vet for a check-up.The cat was later treated for shock, water on the lungs and had been suffering from hypothermia.
The retired cat lover told: "The vet told me she had lost seven of her nine lives.
'I can now see the funny side of it, but you can imagine my shock.'
Married couples swap wives
Two married men have caused a stir in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe after they intentionally SWAPPED their wives.
Chancellor Ngoshi (30) who was married to Charleen Sixpence (24) exchanged his wife with Admire Muguti (42) who was married to Nyasha Mazarure (26). Ngoshi and Charleen were married for six years while the other couple got married eight years ago. The couples were all blessed with two children each with their first born babies aged six. It was said that Ngoshi was the first person to make the initiative after he fell in love with Nyasha sometime in November this year.
Nyasha was still married to Muguti when the two established their intimate relationship. “Ngoshi was having an affair with Muguti’s wife. “Their relationship lasted for nearly a month before Charleen and Admire knew about it. “The truth came to light when Chancellor was caught being intimate with Nyasha at his friend’s house along Rufaro Street (Zengeza) two weeks ago.
“Although we are not sure, it is believed that Ngoshi was tracked down by his in-laws. “A Kangaroo court sat and he admitted to his misdeeds. That was the time when Charleen got to know about the two’s relationship. “It is again the time when Nyasha moved to stay with Ngoshi,” said a source close to the two couples’ goings-on.
Mungoshi went on to cohabit with Nyasha at House No. 11 Mupfuti Street in Zengeza 1, a stone throw from where Charleen and Muguti are staying (87 Rufaro Street). According to Charleen, after she discovered her husband had ditched her for Nyasha she started communicating with Muguti.
She said her intentions were to sue Nyasha for snatching her husband while her new lover wanted to fight to win his wife back. “It was during this process that our own relationship developed. Sometimes Muguti would visit me asking for progress. “He also used to send me air time and lunch at my workplace in Eastlea.
“Considering that my husband was gone, I then found comfort in Muguti. Coincidentally, he was also feeling the same way. “Plus as a woman I could not afford to avoid all the temptations considering that I had no man to live with. “We then fell in love and we are happy together,” she was heard as saying.
Ngoshi said that he was not in the mood to discuss the matter when contacted to give his side of the story. “I am not in the mood to discuss the issue. Give me your phone number and I will call you back when I am in the right mood. Even Nyasha is not in the mood as well,” he said. But he was heard admitting to be the first one to initiate the SWAP deal.
“It is true that I was the first to make the initiative but we had separated by then. “I was a victim of abuse when I was living with her,” he said, showing a scar on his mouth. He also said that he went for shopping along with his ex-wife Charleen and Muguti. “Yesterday (Tuesday) we went for window shopping with Charleen and Muguti.
“We were looking for our children’s Christmas clothes and we had no problems,” he said. Although Muguti was not reachable to give his side of the story, he is believed to have also moved out of his place in Kuwadzana to cohabit with Charleen at House No. 70 Mupfuti in Zengeza. But it appears as jealousy still grips the two women despite accepting their swap deal. Charleen and Nyasha exchanged blows yesterday morning.
Charleen was accusing Nyasha of grabbing her new husband (Muguti) in her presence. H-Metro managed to track them at Zengeza Police Station where they were taken after the fight. Nyasha was the complainant.
“She beat me up for grabbing Muguti in her presence. I did not grab him but I just pulled him aside as I wanted to talk to him in privacy as the father of my children,” said Nyasha. Charleen argued that Nyasha had grabbed Muguti in her presence yet she was staying with another man.
“How could you touch him in my presence when you have another man with you?” asked Charleen. When H-Metro left the police station, the four were still in the hands of the police. The two women were likely to be charged with assault if they failed to settle their dispute amicably.
Women Still Undergo Circumcision In Kenya
With over 92 million female circumcisions already performed in Africa alone, Kenya is still considered a large perpetrator of this practice with almost 40% (US State department: 2010) of women still undergoing the procedure despite it being made illegal.
In this film, various women are interviewed regarding their perceptions and social pressures within small rural communities where the procedure is still considered a vital rite of passage for a maturing girl. Many of these smaller communities also bind this practice directly to the honour of the family's name and is often a prerequisite for teenage brides (and their families) who hope to win a large "lobola" or dowry from the bridegroom's estate.
The price of not going through the initiation process is often social isolation and rejection, while sadly, the health consequences of those who undergo the process are often much worse, and as one interviewee states, results in death from infection and complication.
Banker Shares Same Name, Age With An Armed Robber
Mr Itai Motsi (38), the divisional executive in the Business Banking Unit at MBCA Bank Zimbabwe, yesterday said his credibility was under scrutiny by his colleagues. Clients and business associates have also been phoning him enquiring if he was not the armed robber referred to in newspaper articles published yesterday.
"It is not me who has been arrested and whose name is being published in the media," said Mr Motsi.
"I am not even related to the suspect who is exactly the opposite of what I am. The Itai Motsi facing armed robbery charges does not come from our family. It is just unfortunate that we share the same name and age. Clients, business associates and colleagues are calling me enquiring on how I could be implicated in criminal activities."
Mr Motsi said his ordeal began a month ago when he was called by a police officer who knows him informing him that they had his namesake in their cells.
"The police officer called me and we joked about it. But people are now taking it seriously because it was published in newspapers."
Mr Motsi's namesake allegedly went on a spree committing armed robberies in and around Harare using a gun that was stolen from a police officer. The alleged criminal is in police custody facing numerous armed robbery charges. Mr Motsi said his name had appeared in the media before but for good reasons.
"I am a hard worker and in 2007 I won an accolade as the Manager of the Year for FBC Bank where I was employed. Between 2008 and 2009, I won two accolades at MBCA where I currently work. I am a banker and businessman,"
The case which has affected Mr Motsi involves Louis Muchemwa who allegedly stole a firearm and gave it to Itai Motsi who went on a spate of robberies before being arrested.
How Torn Underwear Tears Love 
Underwear, believe it or not, comes in all shapes, colours and sizes — many of them a walking disaster. So in case you are wondering why your newly found lover suddenly disappeared — no more phone calls and text messages — blame it on that black nylon underwear you wore on your last date.
For all their dirt, men admire clean white underwear. In fact, many of them dream of a romantic night with a partner in sexy underwear. No wonder a few years back, the hit song Adhiambo Sianda (translated Adhiambo’s bottoms) became one of the most popular songs in Nyanza because the musician, Otieno Rachar, sings in praise of a woman’s white underwear.
But a Facebook post recently revealed that if people were to be stripped naked, more than three-quarters of the handsome and beautiful people walking on the streets would be accused of witchcraft on account of their underwear. The post even accused some Kenyan men of not washing their innerwear — which quite often are just rags — for weeks on ends.
Surprisingly, it also said that some women are shockingly dirty.
Wanjugu, 27, an accountant with a law firm in Nairobi, got the shock of his life when he visited a woman he had been chasing for weeks.
"When I went to her bathroom, I noticed that she’d hang a panty that was old and terribly stained to dry on a nail. I was disgusted. I pretended to have a headache and left an hour later. I just couldn’t touch her and have never called her again," says Wanjugu.
While most men won’t be bothered to buy new underwear and can wear the same rags for years, the worrying trend among women is that many of them walk around with a hole in their underwear.
"Nothing puts a man off than a well dressed woman wearing torn stuff underneath. It smacks of carelessness and irresponsibility. I would not associate with such a woman," says Makali Otswila, a musician in Mombasa.
Makali wonders why a woman would invest thousands in her hair but neglect her most prized possession. "It means she is just pretending to be nice on the outside but is actually rotten on the inside."
Second wife
Silas, a technician who is married with one child, says he is on the verge of marrying a second wife because he does not like what his current wife wears.
Claims Silas: "When we were dating, and just when we married, she always wore classy stuff. It’s actually one of the reasons she drove me crazy. But as soon as we got married, everything changed. She no longer gives a damn."
What angers Silas is that she has a pretty good job, making him wonder why she insists on wearing cheap old things with a hole in them or this funny habit she has developed of buying second hand innerwear and bras.
"I frankly don’t understand why she would want to buy something another woman has worn for years and discarded, when new panties go for as little as Sh100 in the shop. It’s such a turn off," Silas says with a frown.
But asked why he just couldn’t walk into a clothing store and buy sexy underwear for his wife, Silas says he fears that would embarrass her.
"How do you honestly tell your wife that her underwear is bad? Besides, women are crazy. She might accuse me of having another woman. I mean, how would a man be expected to know the latest fashion trends for an item that he is only expected to see on his wife — especially if her taste is awful?" he poses.
Jeff, a hotelier, has no such qualms. "I studied the situation quietly and took charge. So every Valentine’s Day, I buy a handful of those things in the guise of ‘love’. But the truth is the situation was bad. You don’t want to know how embarrassed I got when she went into labour suddenly and had to be undressed by nurses in my presence."
Women, however, argue that it is men who are the biggest culprits because most of them only got to wear that garment for the first time when they joined secondary school.
From wearing dirty, tattered strings, most men — some who buy beer for their friends daily and drive nice cars — spend as little as Sh50 on underwear, yet they would never be caught dead wearing ‘cheap’ shoes or suits.
"Men never create time to buy underwear, hence the sorry rags they hide underneath their crisp suits," Rose, a marketing executive, notes, adding that men only style up when they get married.
According to Atieno, a primary school teacher in Umoja, Nairobi, most men, unlike women, simply don’t care about what they wear inside.
"They expect us to understand that men are naturally untidy, but they have no idea how much it puts us off," says Atieno. "In fact, married men are only better off either because their wives buy them innerwear, quarrel and nag them to style up or simply gather those old discoloured rags and throw them in the dustbin!"
But the men that Crazy Monday spoke to argue that what a man wears inside shouldn’t be a big deal.
"Underwear is basically ‘non essential’ stuff. I would rather buy a nice watch than waste Sh1,000 on something no one sees. It is not like women undress us anyway. In fact, casual girlfriends never even get to see our underwear because we remove ‘everything’ at once," chuckles Sam, a cyber cafÈ operator.
What Sam may not, however, appreciate is that certain situations force men and women to undress — like accidents. In fact, were it not that medics are cold blooded professionals, they would be breaking into laughter each time an expensively dressed man was wheeled into the emergency wing only for his dirty little secret to emerge. Jacinta from Karen swears she would never date such a man.
"A man who cannot take care of small things like his underwear cannot be trusted to take care of a woman, leave alone children or a home, so he might as well go to hell," asserts Jacinta.
Her disdain originates from the first man she dated, a clumsy fellow who nearly put her off men and sex.
Those who neglect this little item of clothing could, however, do themselves a favour by listening to hawkers. At busy bus stops, naughty hawkers, obviously male, often display new underwear through bus windows chanting "Kifuli ya boma (a padlock for the homestead)!"
In their cheeky way, and much as everyone pretends not to notice their colourful wares, they announce one fact; that genitals are, to the body, what a door or gate is to a home. And just like it is ridiculous to build an expensive house with a cheap door, it is similarly crazy to trot around with an expensive handbag yet you are dressed in a second hand innerwear with a hole in it.
As for men and their rags, maybe it is time for their wives and girlfriends — like Maendeleo ya Wanaume’s Nderitu Njoka — to give them a red card.
Wife Slaps 'Risk Allowance' on HIV-Positive Husband
A 27-year-old man on Tuesday morning revealed in a Lusaka Court that his wife has been charging him (Sh11,900) per sexual encounter as risk allowance because he is HIV positive and she’s not.
James Kasunka of John Howard, a compound south of Lusaka, revealed this in a case in which his wife Sela Temba sued him for divorce, 24, before Senior Court Magistrate Hilda Choonya.
The court heard that the duo got married in 2005 and has two children together. Kasunka, who has objected to the divorce application, narrated that since he tested positive to the virus that causes AIDS in 2010, his wife has been giving him a hard time in the bedroom.
“Initially, she used to allow me to sleep with her using a condom. But with time, she started refusing. When I asked why, she said it was too risky sleeping with me with or without a condom. She then said that if I wanted to sleep with her, I should be ready to pay her K750,000 (Sh11,400) per encounter. This money, according to her is risk allowance,” said Kasunka.
Kasunka told the court that because of his strong sexual drive, which is allegedly worsened by the anti-retroviral drugs he takes, he had been forced to have sex with Temba very often and has ended up in serious debt, which she plans to deduct from his terminal benefits once the monies have been released.
“I owe my wife millions of Kwacha in sex allowance arrears. I wasn’t paying because I was retrenched when my health condition worsened. So, she told me that she will get her money when my terminal benefits are out,” said the soft-spoken Kasunka.
But Kasunka told the court that he does not want to part ways with Temba because he still loves her.
Earlier, Temba had told the court that she wanted to divorce Kasunka because he maintained a string of girl friends despite being HIV-positive. She said she found it difficult to care and love someone who neither cared nor loved himself.
“This man you are seeing here is HIV positive,” she told the court. “But he has an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. He still has about five girl friends. He is re-infecting himself. All the money he was given after he was retrenched, he spent it on prostitutes,” Temba said.
During cross examination, Temba acknowledged charging Kasunka K750, OOO (Sh11,400) per sexual encounter as risk allowance but was quick to justify the levy.
“Like I said earlier, this man has multiple partners. He has all types of HIVs because he keeps re-infecting himself. So, the idea to ask him to pay that amount was a way of keeping him off me and also to save money for me instead of squandering it on prostitutes,” she said.
But Temba told the court that she had never ever received any risk allowance from Kasunka because she was offering her services on credit but has no plans to demand payment.
She also maintained that she wanted to divorce Kasunka because she was tired of his immoral behaviour.
Senior Court Magistrate Choonya however declined to dissolve the marriage saying she does not find pleasure in divorcing young couples.
She asked Temba to think about the matter seriously and come back to court in two weeks time.
The funniest speech ever from an African President
'My majesty Mr. Queen Sir, horrible ministers and members of parliament, invented Guests, ladies under gentlemen, before I undress you, let us open the windows for the climate to come inside!
I hereby thank you completely….. Mr. Queen, sir; and also what he has done for me and my fellow Uganda who come with me.
We have really eaten very much. And we are fed up completely
But before I go back to my country with a plane from the Entebbe airport of London I wish to invitation you Mr. Queen, to become home to Uganda so that we can also revenge on you.

You will eat a full cow:and also feel up your stomach and walk with difficult because of full stomach completely. Even when you want to rest at night; I will make sure that you sleep on top of me in the top up stairs of my mansion completely so that you can enjoy all the gravity of fresh air.

'But now am sorry because I have to tell you that I have made a short call on you only. But next time I shall make a long call on you to last the whole moon completely. Thank you very much to allow me to undress you completely before these extinguished ladies under gentlemen sir.

Lastly but not list, I ask the band to play our international anthem of the republic of Uganda and also the British international anthem..Your majesty sir, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the bottoms of all the people of Uganda.

With this few words I thank you Sir.
We’re No Longer Weeping
Verah Okeyo was 15 when she and her three siblings buried their father. A few metres from his grave was another mound of soil. Their mother, who had died a month earlier, lay under it.
As they huddled together in grief, watching the young village men fill up their father’s grave, they had no way of knowing that a few hours later, they would be dealt another painful blow.
Verah, now 23, recalls that day as if it were yesterday. It was on 21st February, 2004, the morning after the burial.
They heard a knock on their door. When they opened, they found several relatives standing outside. After perfunctory greetings, they informed them that if they didn’t want to die like their parents had died, then they should leave the homestead.
“We couldn’t believe what we were hearing, we had just lost our parents, and now my father’s relatives wanted to kick us out of the only home we had,” Verah says.
Her oldest sister was 24, her brother 19, while the youngest child, a boy, was seven years old. Too wrapped up in their grief and afraid that the ominous prediction would come to pass, none of them fought back. Verah and her siblings had been raised in Naivasha, Rift Valley, where their parents had worked before they both fell ill in October 2003 and moved back to their rural home in Kanyadoto Village, Ndhiwa County.
“They shared out all our belongings, including furniture, utensils, and even our parents’ clothes among themselves,” Verah says.
The only thing the four siblings were left with was their clothes, since the three-bedroom house which their parents had started building in 2000 had been swept clean. They would later learn that the house was pulled down soon after they left and the land on which it stood sold.
“Our uncles’ wives took mum’s clothes, utensils, and bedding, while our uncles took our furniture and milling machines as we watched,” she says.
Her parents had bought the two flour milling machines when they left Naivasha. They had been the family’s source of income.
Her parents, who had married when they were only teenagers, soon after completing high school, had started poor and for the first few years of their married life, lived from hand to mouth. Verah’s mother sold vegetables at a small roadside stall, while her father worked as a watchman.
“But they were determined to offer us a good life, and so they worked hard,” Verah says.
Eventually, her mother went back to school and realised her childhood dream of becoming a nurse, while her father worked his way up to become farm manager at the flower company he had joined as a watchman.
“This is what made it so painful to watch as our relatives took away everything that they had worked so hard for,” Verah says.
While it was painful to learn that they no longer had a home to call their own, it was more devastating when they realised that they would have to go separate ways. It was decided that Verah’s youngest brother, Michael, would live with a maternal aunt, while Verah would move in with her maternal uncle, who lived in South Nyanza.
Her older sister Caroline, and brother, Alan, were deemed old enough to make their own living arrangements. Caroline moved in with her boyfriend, while Alan put up with friends who lived in Naivasha.
“It was a painful parting; I knew then that life would never be the same again. In spite of our parents’ illness, we had been very happy together,” she says.
But life at her uncle’s place was far from happy. She was lonely, and missed her parents and siblings. Try as she might, she could not stop comparing her new family with the one that had been snatched from her
But no one seemed to notice the turmoil she was in, which was made worse when she realised that she might end up dropping out of school. Verah, who was a student at Bahati Girls, was to join Form Two that year, but her uncle could not pay fees, so she ended up staying at home for a term. While her uncle’s children went to school, she was left behind to do household chores such as washing dishes, doing the laundry, and fetching water.
In her vulnerable state, she would recoil whenever anyone made a comment on how “expensive” food had become.
“I felt as if these comments were directed at me, and this hurt me very much,” she says.
She often wondered what had become of her sister, who had been set to join a nursing school in September that year, and her older brother, who was also to join college that year. She was sure that just like her, their dreams would remain just that — dreams.
Were it not for the headmistress of her former school, Sister Magdalene Muinde, Verah says that she probably would not be telling this story today. She was one of the school’s brightest students and when she failed to turn up when school reopened, Sister Muinde got concerned and decided to look for her.
“I couldn’t believe it when she turned up on my uncle’s doorstep. I knew then that all wasn’t lost,” she says.
Verah says that were it not for Sister Muinde, she would not have completed high school. She organised fundraisings among friends and parents to pay her school fees, and when schools closed, the headmistress looked for a family she could live with.
Re-united at last
“Initially, I lived at the convent, but Sister Muinde thought it would be a better experience for me to live within a family setting and would request friends to host me over the holidays,” Verah explains.
Although she was grateful, she still yearned for her family, explaining that it just “wasn’t the same.”
Since the painful parting with her siblings a day after their father’s funeral, she had not had any contact with any of them and often agonised about how they were faring.
“Although wellwishers and my schoolmates were kind and generous to me, I yearned to be with my own family. When the holidays drew near, it pained me to see the excitement on the faces of other students as they eagerly waited for schools to close,” she recalls.
With the help of one of her teachers, Mrs Hilda Muriuki, she finally re-united with her siblings in 2006, after she completed high school.
“I’ve been very fortunate to have had good people come into my life when I needed help and guidance desperately,” says Verah.
Another person who has been a priceless gift in her life is Mrs Mary Wainaina, who has been like a second mother.
“Her daughter, whom I went to high school with, told her about me, and she sort of adopted me, welcoming me to her home and treating me as if I were her own child,” she explains.
With such goodwill, it is no wonder that Verah performed well (she scored B+), qualifying to join university when the 2006 KCSE results were announced. Vera graduates from Maseno University in November this year, where she studied communication in media and drama and theatre. She sees herself becoming a media icon and a prominent entrepreneur in future.“I’ve learnt that with determination and a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything you set out to do,” she says, adding that her parents’ strong work ethic has also played an important role in helping her get where she is.
“I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty if it will help me to achieve my purpose,” she says.
This is no idle comment. While waiting to join university, she worked as housegirl, a petrol station attendant, and a clerk at a tea factory.
She paid for her university education through loans from the Higher Education Loans Board.
“When I joined university, I applied for the work study programme, which helped to pay for my upkeep,” she says.
The programme gives students a chance to earn money for their upkeep by doing various jobs within the university.
Verah says that she started off cleaning toilets, where she would get paid about Sh1,000 a week. She says this was more than enough for her. She was also a member of the Maseno University Band and would get paid for performances.
She diligently saved part of her earnings and after two years, had enough to buy a manual sewing machine, which she used to repair her fellow students’ clothes at a fee.
Later, she started making clothes for fellow students. Thanks to word of mouth, she started getting orders from church members and neighbouring schools.
“My first big order came from Kisumu Pentecostal Church — I made their choir uniform and got paid Sh46,000, which motivated me greatly.”
Buoyed by this, she promptly registered her company, Vashti Creations, and expanded to making vitenges, cushion covers, and bed covers.
The industrious young woman also has a music album to her name.
Last year, Verah, who loves to sing, posted an update on Facebook, saying that she had written some “beautiful” songs which only she could enjoy because she had no money to record.
Interestingly, someone from Florida in the US, contacted her and told her that he was interested in listening to her music. He suggested that she post it on YouTube, which she did. Impressed, her benefactor sent her the money required to record her music.
She launched her album, Stand Again, last year at Maseno University.
Her younger brother, Michael, is a Form Three student at Koderobara High School in South Nyanza. Verah, with the help of her other brother, Alan, pays his school fees. He lives with her in her rented house in Nakuru during the holidays.
“Alan lives in Nairobi, where he recently got a job, while Caroline, a happily married mother of three, lives in south Nyanza.
“We may not be living together in the same house, but we’re a family once again. I’m sure our parents are happy about our progress wherever we are,” Verah says.

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