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A Better Way To Life

Truths for a Way Better Life!
Firstly, I want to point out that by ‘truth’ here, I am not intending to claim absolutes in any way, but more share some fundamental awarenesses that have rung true for me personally, and have worked positively without fail time and time again in my life.

I do encourage you to at least ‘try them on’, however.

1. You are loved, loving and loveable, ever and always.

Love, for yourself, others and the world, is the well-spring and foundation from which all good things rise, both in the giving and receiving of that love.

You are loved totally and unconditionally by the source of creation, whatever name you hold for that. There is nothing you need DO to be loved, for you are loved completely, and there’s nothing you can do to lose that love.

You are loved in entirety, and you are loving. Whatever your past, whatever your guilt, shame, or remorse, darkness, failings or regrets you have yet to forgive yourself for, these are simply mistakes. They are not who you are. Your TRUE essential nature is beautiful, loving and kind.

Forgive yourself for all mistakes,
the lost or wounded you did make.

People ‘act bad’ primarily because they feel they are bad, or because they are wounded, hurt, angry, misled, misaligned, have low self-worth or self-hate even, or hold faulty beliefs about themselves, others and the world.

The worse you feel about yourself, the worse you are likely to behave. Conversely, the better you feel about yourself, the better you are likely to behave.

Own and acknowledge your inherent worth and innate loving nature. Forgive yourself and return to the innocence that you are. You are born of love, returning to love. You are a spark of the divine. You are eternally loved, loving and loveable, always.

However separate from that love you ever feel sometimes, in truth it is always there for you. :)

2. Lessons from a butterfly: embrace change and don’t be shy!

“Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

The wheel of life turns, and for a good reason, whether you know it at the time or not.

Change can always be an opening for opportunity, growth, and a better life. Trust in life’s turning seasons and be open to F L O W. The universe is always on your side.

When I talk about change here, I’m not referring to erratic, inconsistent behavior or an excuse for a lack of responsibility or commitment, but about being open, flexible and fluid, and letting your life breathe, move and DANCE to allow for growth and expansion, letting go of what does not serve you, and allowing more gifts to come in.

And of course you can be proactive with change owning and harnessing the power of your choice. What changes could you make right now to better your life?

Sometimes change begins with holding a new vision, or a new attitude, or way of thinking, and with taking small steps. As I always say…

Baby steps lead to monumental change!

What changes would instantly brighten your life? Would it be more time for rest and relaxation, or more time for fun and socializing, or ceasing certain habits (physical, mental or emotional), a change in your routine, more time in nature, more time with people, or more time alone? Is a change in job, home or relationships calling you?

And what needs to change on the inside to help with these changes? Who do you need to forgive? Yourself? Another? What thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes could you change that would create a better life?

Spontaneity in itself can help to lighten your life, and initiate greater flow, rather than you’re a continued set or controlled way of doing things. If you’re too rigid or confined with plans and expectations and how things ‘should be’, it’s hard for the new and unexpected to come in, or blessings and synchronicities to arrive.

We often fear change, partly because we fear the unknown and unfamiliar, or sometimes out of loyalty to people in our past, and often because we think with change will come some kind of loss.

The next truth on letting go deals with this aspect, exploring how all endings herald a new birth! :)

Sometimes we fear change because we fear greater responsibility, stepping into our power, being humiliated, rejected, being visible, or any other number of reasons.

Sometimes change is scary because it involves the breakdown of something existing in our life.

Trust in the flow. Sun follows rain like day follows night.
What may seem to be going wrong may, in fact, be going right!

Trust in yourself and your power as a creator. And trust in the universe; it only ever wants the best for you.

Sometimes the road of change is rocky, tumultuous even, which is why we may fear or resist it, yet it can still be for our best.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos .” ~ Deepak Chopra

What we resist becomes more painful. What we embrace through acceptance, with the light of hope and the wings of faith, can become joyful.

Bend like the willow in the breeze and life will flow with greater ease!

If you don’t embrace change, it can become more and more painful staying where you are. If you don’t listen to the whispers they become shouts. Patterns repeat until you heal and change.

Sometimes life gives you a shake you up to help you WAKE UP!

All change can be opportunity! :)

3) In letting go you can only win.

This is what I regard to be a universal principle, whereby, if something is truly for your best, if you let it go, it will always come back, and if doesn’t, it’s because something better will.

Understanding this can grant a new level of faith and trust, and delete a lot of unnecessary fear, pain and resistance that comes with holding on.

Holding on actually repels that which you desire. Its energy is needy and controlling, which renders you less attractive. It doesn’t matter if you act out that energy or not, people will sense it anyway. It is sourced in fear and scarcity.

Choose instead trust and positive expectation instead. Have faith that the turning of the wheel is in your favour. Unless you’re sabotaging yourself, it always is.

When you let go, be that of a person or situation, you create the space for something new to arrive, whether that be the very thing you let go of at a new level, or something altogether brand new that would serve you better. In this sense, in letting go you can only win.

Nature abhors a vacuum. When you loosen your grip, when you empty your cup, it will ALWAYS be refilled.

You have to wholeheartedly let go though. This may include feeling the feelings and going through phases of grief, yet on the other side, a new start awaits!

At the end of any goodbye, awaits a new hello to dry the tear from your eye :)

As Rumi so neatly puts it, “Do not grieve . Anything you lose comes round in another form”.

Or as Carolyn Myss writes, “Everything lost is found again”.

4) Thoughts become things.

Now, this is certainly not a new idea, and with concepts like the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘mind over matter’ becoming more mainstream, it’s beginning to be more widely accepted.

That said, I think it is always worth reminding ourselves just how powerful our thoughts are.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

When we dissect our world to the subatomic level, we discover there is nothing solid at all!

Your world is comprised of wavelengths of energy that respond directly to your thoughts. At the deepest level, reality is essentially a reflection and extension of the entirety of your consciousness.

Of course, that consciousness reaches into other lives and the subconscious and unconscious mind, so it’s no wonder we don’t always know what’s going on or why.

That said, taking responsibility can still be freeing and empowering nonetheless; what we take responsibility for we are more able to change.

Perceived challenges, blocks or limitations ‘out there’, can be resolved by addressing and transforming the inner discordance that lies at their root.

You are source, not subject, of your world!

Life is your canvas… imagination your palate… choice & desire the brush and the strokes.

Beneath many thoughts, of course, are your beliefs, and it’s these that are most fundamental when it comes to shaping your reality, and determining your very thoughts.

You can clear negative beliefs and install positive beliefs with the Belief Buster Kit (at this link).

Your imagination is a powerful tool to breathe life into your intentions and visualize your dreams.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your brightest future, and most importantly, the positive happy feelings of that future you, is key to attracting those realities.

This is what I call Future Causation, and the Manifesting Blueprint Meditation (part of the Miracle Manifesting Program at this link ) activates this through a guided meditation to manifest your goals and encode your subconscious mind for their realization in your world.

5) Behind everyone’s eyes there’s a child somewhere inside; always be kind!

This is a reminder for daily compassion. Seek to understand and to see the innocence in all.

Everyone has a soft-centre, however well camouflaged, compensated for or covered over.

Inside, we are all much like soft boiled eggs, and have squishy hearts of gold!

It’s often the people that act the worst that are the most deprived of love, so have compassion, whilst retaining boundaries and self-respect, of course.

Acts of kindness have been proven to have mental, emotional and even physical benefits to those that deliver them, through increasing levels of oxytocin in the body.

Even relatively small acts are certainly worthwhile, for others and for you! That might be letting someone through in traffic, giving someone your seat on a train, offering sincere compliments, opening a door, taking the time to really listen, buying someone a book, feeding ducks in a pond, baking someone a cake, writing someone a thank-you card, volunteering, treating someone to lunch, writing a poem for someone, etc.

And always remember…

Kind words said in love, leave footprints on the soul.

The more you love and forgive yourself, the more compassionate you will towards others, so let the journey start with yourself.

Everyone has a soft-centre, however well camouflaged, compensated for or covered over. See the light and softness in others and it will blossom and bloom. The more beauty you see in others, the more beautiful they become, and the more beautiful YOU become too :)

Love and joy,

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