Monday, 25 June 2012

A Ship In A Dark Fog

How Does a Ship Ever Find its Way in the Dark Fog?
I looked out my bedroom window and I could barely see across our small garden. Looking out the window I started to think. I thought . . .How does a ship trying to get to port ever find its way in the dark fog? Well the answer is simple. The ship's captain even if he has never gone to his designated final port of entry finds his or her way to port with a few simple tools; a map and a compass. None of us knew exactly how to get to our final destination when we start, but we are given the tools to navigate our way to our final port. The only difference between a ships captain and us is that the ship's captain knows he will get to port as soon as he sets of on his journey while we, on the other hand, sometimes don't carry this same level of faith going into our life. We hope that the tools that have been given to us will get us to our final destination, but we don't know as a matter of fact that we will get there. I understand why there is a difference in mindset, so let me expound on it. If the ship's captain had never seen the sea before he started his voyage or met any captains that had successfully gotten to port he would be left with the same hope we hold. He wouldn't know for sure that would get to port, he would have to trust in his tools and have faith that he would get to port. After successfully arriving at his destination for the first time, the ship's captain, would then have full faith in his tools and his ship and their ability to get him to wherever in the world he was called to go. But in that first voyage he would be riddled with fear and trepidation at every turn in his journey. Little storms or detours that would normally be of no consequence would be magnified his mind as an almost insurmountable obstacles. When little obstacle come our way we tend to magnify them

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